Our team works diligently to exceed the needs of our customers while taking quality very seriously opposed to simply filling requests for manpower with unmatched skill sets. We look forward to the opportunity of building long lasting mutually beneficial relationships with our clients and employees.

  • Our team has the ability to work in all 50 states.
  • We have an extensive database of skilled tradesmen nationally as well as a network of partners that allow us to be effective and consistent with our pricing and compensation package for our field crew.
  • Our Operations Team works diligently to offer our proven talent with verifiable experience, soft skills, and certifications to meet the requests of our clients.
  • We implement a comprehensive screening and selection of our candidates as we are always working to expand our database of skilled tradesmen.
  • We provide OSHA 10 training to our employees in addition to other job specific site-requirements as needed.


Contractors are achieving greater profit margins than ever by taking full control over labor-related costs with the Summit Skilled Solutions contingent workforce.

For companies seeking to scale quickly and efficiently without long-term commitments, Summit Skilled Solutions offers a very popular option in our contingent workforce staffing option. This entails the hiring of independent contractors and other temporary workers who possess the requited requisite skills and experience to manage specialized tasks on a project-by-project basis. Whether you require a single hard-to-find specialist or a large-scale ramp-up for a seasonal surge or new project or shut down, we will conduct a thorough research process to assess your needs, requirements, and develop a specialized platform to support your objectives. To ensure that the right fit is achieved, we make it a priority to understand your culture and incorporate our function within it.



You have the flexibility you need to handle your employment goals and standards thanks to our temp-to-hire recruiting strategy. We will work diligently with your team to develop a staffing strategy, source the most exceptional available talent, and audit the placement of the recommended candidate with the same attention given to all our placements. If you desire the opportunity to evaluate a candidate's fit on the job and within the team structure of your organization, we can provide you with the appropriate talent. We have found a very high percentage of our presented talent become permanent members of your core workforce at the end of their contract. Throughout the trial period, your Summit Skilled Solutions contact will keep working to make sure the process meets the expectations of the applicant and your business. Additionally, you can access our database of high-end management and supervisory roles to build your team.


Our Direct-Hire Recruiting option allows for you to manage your time, money, and risk in a comprehensive and efficient manner. By outsourcing your hiring process to Summit Skilled Solutions, you have access to our expert evaluation of your workforce, our recommendations to solve any talent or productivity gaps, our extensive national candidate pool, and our experienced team's vetting and interviewing expertise. Our unwavering commitment is to identify the ideal, permanent placement for your organization's core workforce.

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