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Matt Dugan and Jason Herceg have been good friends for over 30 years, and began working together from a young age. Their journey eventually landed them at one of the largest Skilled Trades Staffing firms in the country. Their extensive day-to-day experiences and hands-on education gave them the skills and knowledge necessary to lead a team and steer their company in the best direction for everyone involved. Our team boasts a combined 80 years of experience in the skilled trades staffing sector, which has helped us streamline the skilled trades staffing model to better serve our clients and employees. Our mission is simple: to offer our skilled tradesmen the respect and satisfaction of being part of an experienced team that truly cares about them. We are equally driven to work closely with our clients to provide the best possible solutions for skilled labor management, knowing that our relationships are the most critical factor in our impact and overall success. From our internal office team to our field crew, we value every relationship we form and strive to stay consistent in our commitments and solutions. Their commitment and trust in their various partners are of equal importance, as they strive to stay consistent in the commitments and solutions offered to their employees and customers alike. They have found that their strongest relationships with their best clients have been formed by working through moments of both success and adversity, leading to mutually beneficial achievements over time. Their impact is not only focused on the day-to-day but also on the customer’s bottom line. We truly believe that OUR TALENT IS FINDING YOURS and most importantly WE LISTEN, WE PLAN and WE GET THINGS DONE.




Our team strives to create long term relationships with our clients and employees by going the extra mile, staying true to our word and resolving any unforeseen circumstances along the way.


Summit Skilled Solutions maintains the highest level of ethical standards in daily business with contractors, vendors and fellow employees and strives to deliver premium quality workmanship and services 100% of the time.


We feel strongly that our entire organization’s ability to effectively communicate internally as well as with our field crew and clients is what separates our group. WE LISTEN, WE PLAN, WE GET THINGS DONE.


From the top of our organization down, family has and will always be very important to Summit Skilled Solutions. We offer an excellent benefits package, PTO and the ability to continue to work and thrive in a flexible workplace.



Matt Dugan - CEO

Jason Herceg - COO

Kim Smith - Controller

Larry Saffel - Sr Business Development Manager

Dave Henderson - Area Business Manager

Jason Cox - Business Development Manager

Kent Courtheyn - Business Development Manager

Chris Clegg - Operations Manager

Justin Anderson -Recruiter

Bob Robbins -Recruiter

Dave Rohrich- Systems Synergy Specialist

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